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I am a consultant radiation oncologist and brachytherapy head at Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Hyderabad, India. After my residency, I was awarded an AROI-ABS fellowship at UCSF, USA. Upon completion of my fellowship, I took charge as brachytherapy head at my centre. I started an image guided brachytherapy program at our centre for carcinoma cervix patients. My institute caters to a huge load of carcinoma cervix patients who are treated free of cost. We do around 10-12 intra cavitary brachytherapy procedures for carcinoma cervix per day and 1-2 interstitial brachytherapy procedures for carcinoma cervix per week. My research insterests include providing low cost high quality brachytherapy services to poor women suffering with carcinoma cervix and implementing strategies to improve their quality of life. I am also looking at utilization of TRUS as a cost effective modality for image guided brachytherapy in carcinoma cervix.

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