Apply Now!

The Society for Women in Radiation Oncology is now accepting applications for the following positions on the Executive Committee!


Interested applicants can apply by emailing a copy of their CV and a personal statement describing which positions they are interested in and why to by February 11, 2022. 



  • Manage the application process and maintain the mentorship list with cross-reference to the membership list. 

  • Match pairs on a rolling basis with a focus on fostering mentorship before the ASTRO annual meeting

  • Follow up and advise on ways to enhance mentorship experience

  • Assess SWRO mentorship through scholarly activity.

  • Maintain the account


Events and Outreach:

  • Planning of social events 

    • Officially sponsored events at larger meetings, ASTRO

    • Unofficial events, i.e. “happy hours”

    • Virtual events, such as webinars, or virtual get-togethers

  • Advertise events on blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, RO Hub Gender Equity Page. Work in conjunction with the communications chair. 



  • Maintain the social media presence for SWRO. 

  • Generation and distribution of SWRO related media material on SWRO website and blog

    • Maintain and manage SWRO website content. Website maintenance includes blog posts, updates to SWRO membership, new position applications, and other public announcements for the organization. 

    • Maintain the weekly #WeWhoCurie and monthly #MentorshipMonday campaigns. This includes contacting nominees for both series, obtaining information needed for postings, and generating graphics to use with each. 

  • Lead the annual #WomenWhoCurie Campaign (with the aid of the advocacy and events chair).

Advocacy Chair - Physician:

  • Coordinate events with the aims of increasing exposure to radiation oncology and furthering the mission of SWRO to promote networking and mentoring opportunities to women and gender minorities in the field.  

  • Communicate and collaborate with other EC chairs to promote events overlapping with this mission. This includes supporting the Events Chair on the annual We Who Curie event and working with the DE&I chair to serve as a liaison to other groups in the radiation oncology community with the shared goal of promoting inclusion in the field via advocacy and outreach.  


  • Track the SWRO membership list and maintain a cross-referenced list with the mentorship list.  

  • Continually update member contact information 

  • Continually assess membership goals and reasons to join 

  • Outreach - attendings, residents, medical students.

  • Maintain the account 

    • Engage with membership body and disseminate information to membership body regarding SWRO events

    • Recruiting for research initiatives when applicable