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Research Hub

Past Projects

SWRO's Research Hub is focused on collecting and disseminating data and information on gender and inclusion within radiation oncology and the broader medical field.

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Join SWRO's Research subcommittee that is focused on developing a team to establish and grow SWRO's Research Hub!

Please fill out our Google Form below, or reach out to if you would like to be connected to ongoing projects/mentors/mentees working in this space. Also, we warmly welcoming ideas for future research that align with the SWRO Research Hub aims. 

Time commitment: 1-2 hrs/week + quarterly meetings 

Questions: Reach out to




"Society for Women in Radiation Oncology: Residents’ perspectives on #MeToo and the founding of SWRO"

Virginia Wedell Osborn, MD; Anna Lee, MD, MPH; Genevieve Maquilan, MD;
Laura Dover, MD; Adrianna Henson Masters, MD, PhD; Lindsay Puckett, MD;
Ashley Albert, MD; Courtney Hentz, MD; Kaleigh Doke, MD; Parul Barry, MD

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"#WomenWhoCurie: Leveraging Social Media to Promote Women in Radiation Oncology"

Ashley A. Albert, MD, Miriam A. Knoll, MD, Kaleigh Doke, MD, Adrianna Masters, MD, PhD, Anna Lee, MD, Laura Dover, MD, MSPH, Courtney Hentz, MD, Lindsay Puckett, MD, Chelain R. Goodman, MD, PhD, Virginia W. Osborn, MD, Parul Barry, MD, and Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhill

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"Remote Mentorship in Radiation Oncology: Lessons to Share"

Crystal Seldon, MD, Winnifred Wong, DO Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil, Jennifer Croke, MD, Anna Lee, MD, MPH, Lindsay Puckett, MD


"A Survey Study of Female Radiation Oncology Residents' Experiences to Inform Change"

Virginia W. Osborn, MD, Kaleigh Doke, MD, Kent A. Griffith, MS, MPH, Rochelle Jones, MS, Anna Lee, MD, MPH, Genevieve Maquilan, MD, Adrianna Henson Masters, MD, PhD, Ashley A. Albert, MD, Laura L. Dover, MD, MSPH, Lindsay L. Puckett, MD, Courtney Hentz, MD, Jenna M. Kahn, MD, Lauren E. Colbert, MD, MSCR, Parul N. Barry, MD, Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil 

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