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About SWRO

The Society for Women in Radiation Oncology (SWRO) was established as an organization to provide a platform to promote women and gender minorities in the field of radiation oncology. We aim to increase representation and provide networking, research and mentoring, opportunities for women focusing on career development and the steep transition into leadership roles in our field.


We recognize that many women and gender minorities lack strong and relatable role models in their training or work environment and SWRO was established to fill this gap. SWRO will provide a forum to support trainees and faculty who are working to build connections with established women or gender minorities in radiation oncology through sponsorship at all levels. We are a group of women, gender minorities, and allies in gender equity dedicated to championing gender equality in oncology, acknowledging the specific challenges of women, and removing barriers to the advancement of women and gender minorities in professional and academic settings.

SWRO aims to achieve its mission of improving gender equity and inclusion in radiation oncology through the following four domains:

  1. Advocating for empowerment of women and gender minorities through provision of educational sessions and applicable resources

  2. Building community through social media campaigns, informal virtual networking events, and in-person socials at major conferences

  3. Providing mentorship for women and gender minorities at all stages of training in both medical physics and physician roles as well as increase awareness of radiation oncology in the STEM pipeline.

  4. Serve as a collaborative hub for research on gender and inclusion issues within radiation oncology and the medical field.


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"Behind Every Successful Woman And Gender Minority Is a Tribe of Women and Gender Minorities Who Have Their Back"

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