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SWRO Committees

The Society for Women in Radiation Oncology continues to grow and succeed thanks to the hard work of our committees, you can find out more about what each one of our committees represents and what we aim to achieve.

If you're interested in getting involved head to our Apply Now page to be a part of our subcommittees!



  • Mentorship is available for those who are completing or have completed medical or physics residency in radiation oncology and those students interested in pursuing a career in this field.​​

  • The goals of the program are:

    • To support and guide our members as they progress throughout training

    • To enhance professional and personal development

    • To build radiation oncology leaders of tomorrow

  • ​Through our mentorship program, you can both request a mentor and/or sign up to serve as a mentor in your desired area of interest.

  • Become a SWRO member to access more information and resources, and learn more about us on our mentorship page!


  • The communications committee aims to increase visibility & representation by being the voice of women and gender minorities in radiation oncology.

  • We are the platform through which all of our initiatives get published and the connective tissue that brings the Society's goals to the eyes of the people in our field.

  • Our goal is to scale the support and representation of more women and more gender minorities globally. Specifically this year we will focus on new initiatives to highlight the diversity and talents that our community harbors across the globe.


  • The founding belief of the Advocacy committee is that every person can be an advocate. Together as a committee, we seek to uplift and support all groups in medicine.  

  • We seek to encourage structural changes in medicine through advocacy for policies that improve patient and clinician wellbeing, promote a positive and inclusive workplace, encourage diversity and recruitment to our field, and through these actions continue to strive for excellence in clinical care. 

Physics/Physics Advocacy:

  • The Physics Advocacy committee works with all the committees of the organization fostering inclusivity in bringing our physics colleagues across the world on board to SWRO.  The committee collaborates with the outreach committee and the DEI committee to organize virtual workshops centering on issues URMs and gender minorities face in our field aiming to provide support for all and to foster collaboration between physics and radiation oncology clinicians and colleagues.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 

  • The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee promotes and advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within SWRO and provides guidance on messaging and outreach collaborations and advocacy efforts to improve the inclusion, recruitment, and retention of underrepresented peoples and communities within the field of radiation oncology.

  • We help to establish inclusive events aimed at promoting the principles of DEI in addition to collaborating with the EISC subcommittee of ARRO on projects that advance both of our organization’s DEI goals.


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